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The Icecutter's DaughterPeterson, TracieBookCHR PBK PET
Chasing the SunPeterson, TracieBookFIC PET*
The Icecutter's DaughterPeterson, TracieLarge PrintLP FIC PET*BK 1
The Icecutter's DaughterPeterson, TracieeBookOnline Resource
Chasing the SunPeterson, TracieLarge PrintLP FIC PET+
Chasing the SunPeterson, TracieeBookOnline Resource
Wherever You GoPeterson, TracieLarge PrintLP FIC PETE<BK 2
When You Are NearPeterson, TracieLarge PrintLP FIC PET<BK 1
The Miner's LadyPeterson, TracieBookFIC PET
Taming the WindPeterson, TracieBookPBK CHR PET
House of SecretsPeterson, TracieBookYA FIC PETE
Hearts AglowPeterson, TracieBookFIC PET*
To Have and to HoldPeterson, TracieBookFIC PET
Dawn's PreludePeterson, TracieBookPBK C PET BK 1
A Fragile DesignPeterson, TracieLarge PrintLP FIC PET*
These Tangled ThreadsPeterson, TracieLarge PrintLP FIC PET*
Ashes and IcePeterson, TracieBookPBK PET
When You Are NearPeterson, TracieBookFIC PET
The Miner's LadyPeterson, TracieeBookOnline Resource
The Miner's LadyPeterson, TracieLarge PrintLP FIC PET*BK 3
Taming the WindPeterson, TracieLarge PrintLP FIC PETE
Taming the WindPeterson, TracieeBookOnline Resource
House of SecretsPeterson, TracieBookFIC PET*
Hearts AglowPeterson, TracieLarge PrintLP FIC PET+BK 2
Hearts AglowPeterson, TracieLarge PrintLP FIC PETE
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