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Jul 14, 2015Froster rated this title 2.5 out of 5 stars
This little “coming out” high school picture has its charms. Among them, the young and appealing cast, who are extremely comfortable in their roles. But those roles are not particularly surprising. There’s the awkward teen girl best friend, the adorable blind boy, the new, hot boy in class, the class bullies, the privileged girl with too much freedom, etc….in fact, the milieu of Sao Paulo provides no exoticism whatsoever, and we could be watching any YA picture with a slight bent. For a more interesting take on this subject, there are any number of better, more complex movies made over the last thirty years. However, though unsurprising in any way, it is also not an unpleasant way to waste 90 minutes, and at least ends happily. (Though the director/writer avoids any last moment encounters with the blind hero’s overprotective parents---a thorough cop-out, I’d say).