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Dec 16, 2020pacl_teens rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
The premise of living in a world where books are banned seems too out of this world to create a realistic and complex novel out of, but Fahrenheit 451 creates a very complex story with plenty of depth that places you in a very dark future, one where books are banned and outright burned. The story centers around a fireman tasked with burning books. Though after an encounter with a teacher that rejects the current system, Montag (the fireman) begins to question and waver in his beliefs and the thirst for reading and the pursuit of knowledge renders him to be outcast and a refugee, on the run from the regime he once worked for. He must now make a choice; return to the ways of old and continue the crusade against books, to tear down the regime that he once worked collaborated with for so long? This book places the reader in a terrible moral dilemma, and while in our position the answer may seem obvious, after beginning to read the book, the answer gets more and more convoluted as one continues. Countless twists and turns leave the reader wondering how the story will truly end what the fate of the protagonist will be. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for twists and turns and moral dilemmas that would leave even the greatest philosophers scratching their heads. -Nicholas, Grade 11