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Aug 23, 2020ldusername rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
This is the first installment in the series. I did like the author’s witty writing style and it is quite fluid and smooth that the scenes spring to life from the pages into your mind. However, the concept for the series is a little similar to Sookie Stakhouse (True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries) with Mackayla being another rainbow and sunshine southern bell Barbie who’s nativity lands her in deadly waters. The setting is different being in Dublin, while the mission is focused on finding a dark fae book but the essence of the stories are remarkably similar. A protagonist being used and lied to by everyone around her who is just learning about the ‘real’ world where things go bump in the night and is discovering herself/her mettle. She is taken under the wing of a mysterious older sexy nonhuman man of questionable motives and morals while a war is brewing between species. There is even a similar, in its impact, family death in both stories. It is still an entertaining and addictive read.