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a MacKayla Lane Novel
Aug 14, 2017
I read comments before I got and read the book. Some say its a book that is very slow and not much of a plot. I say the reader needs to put themselves in MacKayla's shoes. Imagine this isn't fantasy. What if Fae were real? And what if there really are Sidhe-seers? And how would you feel going from knowing nothing to discovering you are a sidhe-seer with gifts you didn't know you had before. Knowing next to nothing, I can't imagine you would do any better in real life going through everything the heroine does. This is a book of her discovery of who and what she is, the hard way, no nice people to train her if you think the character Barrons is nice. I believe there was plenty of action and unsuspecting events that popped up to grab my attention over and over. I read the book in just over a day, it is so gripping. Into the 2nd book in Fever series and plan to read them all. If you like books on the Fae, folkfore in Ireland, etc. then you should likely love this book. Its the one that sets the stage for the others that follow.