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lpreston214 moved a title to their In progress shelf Apr 12 2021
"From the legendary former Fed Chairman and the acclaimed Economist writer and historian, the full, epic story of America's evolution from a small patchwork of threadbare colonies to the most powerful engine of wealth and innovation the world has...
lpreston214 made a comment Apr 12 2021
"I read nearly 500 pages of this book before abandoning it. I read Pillars years ago and loved it and just read Evening and the morning and liked it also. Sadly I just didn't care about these characters nor the plotting and intrigue which reminded ..." Permalink
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lpreston214 added a title to their For later shelf Jan 13 2021
"International bestselling author Ken Follett has enthralled millions of readers with The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End, two stories of the Middle Ages set in the fictional city of Kingsbridge. The saga now continues with Follett's...
lpreston214 added a title to their Completed shelf Nov 12 2020
Forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway changed her life--until a convicted killer tells her that four of his victims were never found, drawing her back to the place she left behind. Everything has changed for Ruth Galloway. She has a new job,...
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