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Tigard_LindsayD created a list Nov 25 2020
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Animals Up Close

"Admire life-size mammals, reptiles, dinosaurs, and more with this collection of photos and illustrations printed to scale. It's a whole bunch of actual size fun! #TigardLibrary #TigardKids #WCCLS"
Tigard_LindsayD created a list Nov 04 2020
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Cute Doodles

"Make the world a cuter place with these guides to drawing oh-so-cute illustrations. #WCCLS #TigardKids #TigardTeens #TigardAdults"
Tigard_LindsayD created a list Oct 01 2020
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Día de los Muertos | Day of the Dead

"Learn more about the Day of the Dead and enjoy stories of the holiday with this list. Aprende más del Día de los Muertos y disfruta de cuentos sobre la fiesta con esta lista."
Tigard_LindsayD made a comment Sep 23 2020
"This middle-grade whale survival story deftly interweaves a coming of age tale and the hazards that orcas face. Highly recommended for those that enjoyed A Wolf Called Wander or realistic animal fiction. Also a solid pick to accompany Pacific Nort..." Permalink
Tigard_LindsayD created a list Sep 09 2020
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Learn About Firefighters

"Firefighters are hard at work in our communities. Learn more with these books and DVDs for kids. #WCCLS #TigardKids"
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