This is a story of Munchausen Syndrome and two broken individuals. The mother, Patty Watts, poisoned her daughter for nearly 2 decades, and the daughter, Rose Gold spent her childhood believing she suffered from an undiagnosable disease. Patty Watts has spent the last 5 years behind bars after being convicted for aggravated child abuse. Rose Gold has been trying to find out who she is and begin her life as an adult. The chapters alternate between mother and daughter with Rose Gold's reflections of the past and Patty forging her way back into a community that no longer trusts her.

I wanted to believe the two would reconcile and find a way to make peace. Instead, the relationship became intriguingly complicated and complex. Who was the victim and who was the villain?

In this psychological debut novel, Wrobel keeps you guessing and anxious to discover the unexpected.

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