CHARACTERS: First off, the characters are all pretty shallow. There really wasn’t anything about them that came as a surprise to me. Clancy was extremely predictable, and within seconds of meeting Liam, I thought: here we go, the stereotypical romance. I really didn’t like how Ruby didn’t seem to … do anything. She didn’t feel like a strong female lead, just someone bumbling around. And was that a rape I read there? I mean, if Clancy knows how to erase memory, then she wouldn’t remember, but really? Oh, and Lady Jane? I felt as if she was just there because the author thought, “You know what’d be cool? A foreign Bounty Hunter Lady with a regal name.” No real purpose to her.
PLOT: Road trip. The first couple of chapters pulled me in, and the rest afterwards was predictable and kinda sad. I wasn’t entertained, and the whole book had a “this is an introduction to a bigger series” feel to it. It felt like a prologue that was long and pretty boring.
ACCURACY: Alright, I love me a good dystopia. I was interested into finding out more about this strange America, but the more I tried to figure it out the more confused I was. First off, why is this IAAN only in America? If it’s contagious, airports all over the world would be shut down because it would spread like wildfire. Also, what are the differences between Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Red? All we know is they get progressively more dangerous, but do the powers change based on the person? Is it like Blues are telekinetic and Yellows have lightning fingers? The world building was extremely minimal, and while I understand holding back some info for the end, you gotta give me the basics straight out.
RECOMMENDATION: This book made me remember why I don’t follow the hype (Like with Divergent). It’s poorly written with a basic plot and a stereotypical dystopia that can’t explain itself to save its life. It doesn’t surprise me the hype followed to the movie, where the audience liked it but the critics realized this story can’t carry itself even in cinematic format.

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