Huh. Well, I don't exactly see what all the hype is about, and also I don't see why they made this into a movie (speaking of the movie, it was WAAAAAYY better than the book—surprise!).

The Plot
The Darkest Minds was a bit cluttered. It starts really well and the plot climbs rapidly with plenty of fight scenes and plenty of thrills. But the moment Ruby and her friends step into East River, everything crashes into a train wreck. Ridiculous twists and turns make the plot completely unsatisfactory, even if it was fairly entertaining.

The Premise
From when I began reading this book I was skeptical. I just couldn't believe that there was a deadly disease that killed most of the world's kids, leaving the survivors with superpowers. I also couldn't believe that the government would actually lock them away in prisons. That just wouldn't happen.

The Writing
The writing was pretty solid, but the amount of times the characters swore just wore on my nerves and made me wince every time they said "oh my god" or "what an asshole". I don't mind a bit of swearing. I just don't like it when it's overused. And The Darkest Minds completely overused it. And those three f-bombs? Were they really necessary?

The Romance
Liam was perfect for Ruby. Ruby was perfect for Liam. But Clancy? Love triangle? Why? NOOOOOOOO! Love triangles are overused in YA literature (with exceptions). The Darkest Minds utilized every stereotypical expression or twist to "build" the love triangle. This just made me wince and cringe and scream.

The Characters
The characters were very good at the beginning, but as the book progressed they get worse and worse, doing things for ridiculous motives and getting more and more irritating. When Clancy steps into the picture Ruby gets irritating, mopey, and silly, which is so different from the Ruby I knew at the beginning of the book. She was so strong, so determined, so real. Liam was adorable and Chubs was funny and Suzume was sweet.

I liked The Darkest Minds well enough, but not enough to read it again or read the sequels.

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