Ink and Bone captured my attention immediately. I love the world building of this story, a bit of real life, mixed with fantasy. The Library being a holy thing where cherished books were kept safe and those who worked for the Library made sure of it.

The story follows a teen named Jess, whose family is on the wrong side of the law. Jess loves books and original copy's are something that needs to be kept safe from those who would destroy them. He is forced to work for his family and encounters a man who alters his views on society drastically.

Jess has a twin brother who is nothing like him and an older brother who was killed years ago. His mother and father are not the most loving and caring people, so books, especially original copies, were something he could cherish and love.

The story is filled with adventure and friendship, unlikely allies and death. I gave this a 4 out of 5 because even though it was enjoyable, it did not WOW me. It is a great read and if you love adventure this is definitely a good book for you!

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