The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell
The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell An Accidental Soldier's Account of the War in Iraq By Crawford, John Book - 2005

I've always been fascinated with the stories soldiers tell. Some stories are the stories soldier's are supposed to tell: tales of glory, honor, bravery, brotherhood. Some are the stories they aren't "supposed" to tell but tell anyway. Stories about nights on the town, beautiful women, gambling, drinking and horseplay. But there are also the completely honest stories. Stories where the good and bad are mixed, stories where there isn't a punchline. The hard honest stories that, no matter what your politics, make you question what you thought of the war in question.Those stories are important too, though not as often recounted. This is that type of story. This is an important book. Not because what he has to say is necessarily "true" but because it is honest and written by one who has experienced. His story was worth reading.

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