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Jan 19, 2021

Add a new female heroine to your list. MacKayla Lane (aka Mac) is a polite Southern belle who doesn't swear, loves pink, lives at home with her parents, and enjoys sun filled days by the pool. She's happy, fluffy and maybe a bit shallow, but all of that comes crashing down when her older sister, Alina, is murdered in Dublin while on a student exchange at Trinity College. Mac vows revenge on her sister's killer, but when she gets off the plane in Ireland, she quickly discovers that all is not as it seems. Following a cryptic message left on her voicemail by Alina hours before her death, Mac starts to hunt for her sister's murderer, a hunt that leads her to the enigmatic Jericho Barrens and into a world Mac never knew existed--the world of the Fae. Great start to a series as Mac discovers her hidden gifts and begins the evolution into someone who might just be called upon to save the world. Fans of Ilona Andrews will like this series.

Aug 23, 2020

This is the first installment in the series. I did like the author’s witty writing style and it is quite fluid and smooth that the scenes spring to life from the pages into your mind.
However, the concept for the series is a little similar to Sookie Stakhouse (True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries) with Mackayla being another rainbow and sunshine southern bell Barbie who’s nativity lands her in deadly waters.
The setting is different being in Dublin, while the mission is focused on finding a dark fae book but the essence of the stories are remarkably similar. A protagonist being used and lied to by everyone around her who is just learning about the ‘real’ world where things go bump in the night and is discovering herself/her mettle. She is taken under the wing of a mysterious older sexy nonhuman man of questionable motives and morals while a war is brewing between species. There is even a similar, in its impact, family death in both stories.
It is still an entertaining and addictive read.

Jun 10, 2020

The author described Mac just right, a real life Barbie. Some of the things she did could be annoying but could be hilarious. There is enough plot line to keep me reading. The book is entertaining.

Feb 16, 2019

Pretty good, but I will not be rushing to finish the series. Maybe eventually.

DBRL_KrisA Feb 03, 2019

A decent start to the series. Be warned, there are several points in the book with pretty graphic sexual content. (One of the fae has the power to make women desire him in a very deeply animalistic, basic way.) I'm also having a hard time balancing the two sides of MacKayla Lane - she alternates between reminding us she's a bartender and a cool girl, and agonizing over clothes and fingernail polish. And the attitude she and Barrons give each other got really old really fast.

The first in a series, this book captivates you from the get go. MacKayla flies to Ireland to discover what caused her sister’s death. She discovers that both she and her sister (both adopted) were born in Ireland and that she has the power to see beyond the world of man. Mac, along with the mysterious Jericho (friend or foe?), are on the hunt for a book called the Sinsar Dubh. This book gives the person holding it the power to rule over both the human and fae worlds – worlds where the dividing line is crumbling. I’ve really enjoyed reading this whole series. (submitted by JB)

Aug 14, 2017

I read comments before I got and read the book. Some say its a book that is very slow and not much of a plot. I say the reader needs to put themselves in MacKayla's shoes. Imagine this isn't fantasy. What if Fae were real? And what if there really are Sidhe-seers? And how would you feel going from knowing nothing to discovering you are a sidhe-seer with gifts you didn't know you had before. Knowing next to nothing, I can't imagine you would do any better in real life going through everything the heroine does. This is a book of her discovery of who and what she is, the hard way, no nice people to train her if you think the character Barrons is nice.
I believe there was plenty of action and unsuspecting events that popped up to grab my attention over and over. I read the book in just over a day, it is so gripping. Into the 2nd book in Fever series and plan to read them all. If you like books on the Fae, folkfore in Ireland, etc. then you should likely love this book. Its the one that sets the stage for the others that follow.

Mar 15, 2017

I didn't really care for the main character, but somehow this book was so incredibly addicting. I couldn't stop reading, had to know what would happen next. I'm definitely picking up the next book in the series.

Jul 27, 2016

This book gives me hope that one day, I too, may be a published author. All it takes is poor grammar & spelling, zero plot, pathetic, boring characters, yawn-inducing dialogue & the inevitable, unimaginative "happy" ending. On the upside, I now know what to get for a friend as a cure for insomnia. What a waste of trees.

Jan 05, 2016

Despite using the death of a family member as a launching pad for the story, Darkfever is surprisingly light (with the exception of the Fae definitions and such) and enjoyable. A little slapstick comedy thrown in also adds to that effect.

Monikan21 Feb 13, 2015

Book 1 of Fever series, followed by Bloodfever. Story of Mac (Mackayla Lane), a regular pretty girl from a small town in Georgia whose life is torn by the murder of her sister, Alina. The story is slow building and full of vivid descriptions. It is sad to see how a life can change due to tragedy and Mac's life is definitely changed. At the beginning of the story, she is happy with her small town life and no aspirations; she is lively and full of colour. And then life hits her hard and all rules go to hell. I like Mac from the beginning, she has "strength" which no doubt will develop even more in the books to come. I do not, however, like Barrons. He scares me and I doubt one can find a drop of feeling in his character. I hope I am wrong. This is a "dark" book and I am not expecting any lovey-dovey scenes, but I do hope some happiness comes to both of the main characters.

Mar 26, 2014

I absolutely LOVE this series. It's the standard I hold all urban fantasy/paranormal romance novels up to. It has a compelling heroine, outstanding world-building, multi-faceted characters you will grow to love/hate and is overall throughout all five books a fascinating story. It has more depth and complexity than most books in this crossover genre of UF/PNR. Darkfever starts a little slowly but with each book in the series you get drawn into an enchanting world and omg, just wait until you meet Jericho Barrons. He's one of my favorite alpha males of all time. This is a series I will (and have) read over and over again, it's that good and just keeps getting better with each book. Do yourself a huge favor and listen to the 4th book Dreamfever and the 5th, Shadowfever in audiobook form. The first three audiobooks are so-so as far as vocal talent but from the 4th book on - wow, when you are introduced to Phil Gigante as Barrons, why, it's like candy for the ears. I will agree with another comment that this leans more towards UF than PNR. In terms of sensuality think of this series as a slow boil that absolutely ignites in later books, but you have to be patient. It is so worth the wait. DO NOT miss this series!!! Check in: This is now a 9 book series. Woohoo! Look for book 6 Iced and book 7 Burned, out now. Book 8 Feverborn is due out in January 2016 and the forthcoming Feversong date TBD. Again, DO NOT miss the Audiobook versions from Dreamfever on narrated by the talented team of Natalie Ross and Phil Gigante. They elevate the books to a whole new level. Happy reading Fever fans!

forbesrachel Sep 08, 2013

Driven to find the murderer of her sister Alina, as well as find the answers to her mysterious message, Mackayla leaves for Dublin. There, she finds herself out of her element; the speech is difficult to understand, the people act in odd ways, there is no one to help her, and creatures of lore are walking among the normal citizens.
Mackayla starts off as a girl who had everything (fortunately she is not snobbish), but finds herself in a situation where she has nothing, and although she stumbles along the way, she does think things through, whether through her lists, or by making smart decisions on the spot. Upon reflection she often picks up on things she missed earlier too.
The first volume introduces all the players that want the Sinsar Dubh, a Fae book of great power. Mackayla only seeks this book because her sister's last message urged her to find it, but she comes to realize there is more to this than she thought, and that the ones that are seeking it are not to be trusted.
One of these is Barrons', a man she wavers between the idea of trusting or not. From their first encounter, Mackayla's and Barrons' relationship is tumultuous, they are both people that do not like to give in, they quarrel (actually it is more like they press all of each others wrong buttons), and they definitely only grudgingly work together.
Barrons is a mystery, he is reserved and his motives remain completely hidden. He does nothing to reveal his past and is secretive in his actions. Mackayla quickly picks up on how to read him, but it does nothing to illumine anything about him aside from his personality. Even her constant questions barely manage to get useful information from him.
Both keep their secrets and mistrust one another, which leads to the final act of the book. As Mac has no one she can trust, she sets off into the Dark Zone herself, following a clue her sister left behind. The conclusion gives us a peak into the future, for during the final battle we get a sense of what Mackayla will become, and finally some mysteries are solved. Even with all the revelations though, more questions appear.
As a narrator Mac often breaks the fourth wall, speaking directly to us about her thoughts, feelings, and the lessons she figured out later; the whole book is told from the perspective of her in the present, reflecting on the past. She is witty with her remarks, especially regarding Barrons, and reflects on her past to provides a clear contrast to her current state of affairs and mind. She continues to bring up what clothes she is wearing compared to what she used to wear, as the clothes are a reflection of her sense of self. There are a great many things that happen to her; meeting V'lane, a royal Seelie who pulls the basest desires out of women, and who she somehow manages to fend off, seeing the terrifying Unseelie, learning of her's and her sister Alina's origins, and more. All of these serve to change her into something more durable, a woman that can stand up to any man or thing. Slowly, she embraces the impossible and her nature as a sidhe-seer.
Darkfever is made of an exciting blend of urban fantasy, romance, and mystery, and this is only the beginning of things. The end is satisfying for the volume but many questions are left regarding the death of Alina, the plans of the Unseelie, and just about everything about Barrons. There is definitely the possibility of an interesting chemistry to arise between them, because they have the potential to be equals (Mackayla notes right away he does not seem used to someone not obeying him).
The whole time Mackayla has fought off the idea of fighting to save the world, but she no longer has a choice.

Apr 13, 2013

Like the creepiness to this series with the dark faeries and lots of ongoing adventure/action. Definitely for adults.

MrDrProfessorPatrick Jan 28, 2013

I absolutely love this series. The story line is unique and the characters are hilarious. The books isn't QUITE as smutty as this cover makes it seems, though the few raunchy parts aren't done with much class. Still worth reading.

LaimaA Jan 03, 2013

This book is an amazing start to an incredible series. If you like paranormal/fantasy, you will love this. If you're expecting paranormal romance, sorry but you're out of luck. There's nary a kiss to be had in this novel. This is just a fascinating introduction to an imaginative and mysterious world. You learn so much along with the heroine and you feel truly immersed in it. I loved the first person narrative.

Jun 11, 2012

Enjoyed the story. Look forward to book 2 with the hopes it continues on and keeps me interested.

Mar 19, 2012

Urban Fantasy series - Meet Mac (MacKayla) from the South (of USA). She and her family have grown up in southern US in a small town called Ashford, Georgia. Her sister, Alina, is currently in Dublin, Ireland on a scholarship at Trinity University. When all of a sudden her sister is murdered and the Garda (police) shut down her file way too quick. Mac decides to follow up with the police officer, while in Dublin, all the while she meets up with quite a few interesting characters (such as Jericho, Fiona, Rowena, V'Lane, etc). Unknown to her, she is of a special bloodline and there is a war going on. How was Alina involved and why? What does that phonecall she left mean to Mac?

Aug 02, 2011

I appreciated much of the introductory lore that Moning included throughout the story. I have little to no knowledge of Irish mythology, so it was very helpful to have that (and the glossary) to guide me through the book.

However, I couldn't appreciate the characters in the story, who are by and large caricatures and somewhat one-dimensional. There was good pacing, but because I could not engage with the main protagonists, I found this a disappointing read.

Apr 29, 2011

I loved this book. Can't wait to get the next one to see what happens next.

Apr 05, 2011

Although a little slow to start and I actually almost stopped reading part way through, the book ended on a strong note. I think that because it is the first in the series there is a lot of background information that makes it drag at times. I also didn't really like that there was a lot of "I thought 'this' but later on it was proven just how wrong I was" without actually getting to any of the "later on" in this book. Either way, I enoyed the last half of the book so much that I already have the next one on hold.

Apr 03, 2011

I loved this series. Read them all in a week. Romance, suspense, mystery, mystical beings and even some laughter. I like that she finished the series in five books so I didn't have to wait forever to find out all the answers I was dying to know.

swiftkixx Mar 05, 2011

Loved, loved, loved this series There are 5 altogether, and I could not put them down.

Dec 07, 2010

most people reco the highlander series that moning also wrote. that's in my queue.

meanwhile, i recommend this series for the grown up fans of twilight. i felt it had the same addictive "must-read-all-books-in-the-same-week" kind of feel.

In my opinion, Darkfever is probably the weakest of the series, but it does get better, so keep with it!

Aug 30, 2010

I LOVE THIS SERIES....this series is a MUST read OVER & OVER & OVER again!

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